Jul. 1st, 2009

My Gym

Jul. 1st, 2009 07:41 am
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One of my gym's branches closed last Friday and them gym I go to most often is getting a lot of their equipment. Treadmills, I hope. More treadmills.

Somewhere I'd heard that summer months are the best time to join a gym- they're not so crowded. The last few times I'd been there, at 5:30am, it's been quite full. I've started to leave my workout towel on a treadmill to reserve it, and although the practise makes me feel uncomfortable, I'd rather not have to get my cardio on something else when I don't want to.

Most of the treadmill users, I feel, are abusing the privilege. There's Setting The Machine At A Pace Too Fast For Her Girl. And her husband, I'll Just Walk Along On The Treadmill Next To You Because I Love Ya Honey. There's Walking Black Guy, but I like him. He's there almost every morning and for as long as I've been there. Then there's me. That's the four "good" treadmills. The really large ones that don't make much noise. Then there are two smaller ones that no one likes to use. Although if it came to it, I'd use one. Yesterday one of our usual treadmill runners ran next to me on one while a hispanic soccer player used the other one. I hate it when the gym is so full.

I hope we get a whole row of good treadmills and take out some of the ellipticals. We have about a million of those. Or recumbent bikes. There's half a million of those.

Anyway, good run yesterday. Walked 5 minutes at 4.0 then alternated every two minutes between 5.3 and 5.8. Sometimes throwing in a 6.0. I walked again for 3 minutes at 4.0 then at the end ran for 2 minutes at 6.5. That felt good. Sweat was flying off me onto the machine. I love it when that happens. 30 minutes and 2.75 miles. The next time I get that close, I'll just go to three miles, goshdarnit.

I decided not to go to the gym today since I'll be working out with mr. w. later. He said we're going back to working with weights old style. I already hurt.


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