May. 28th, 2009

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Didn't do the measurements today. Was too stinky and sweaty and didn't want him too close to me. He flattered me though. He said he only had one other client who pushed herself as hard as I do and that we made the whole Personal Trainer decision a rewarding one for him. Aw.

I got to punch on the standy-uppy punching bag! That was fun- I want one! He set a bench so it was inclined on the stand of the punchy thingy and my job was to hook my legs so that I was holding myself up. From that ab-killing position I had to punch the bag until Mr. W. told me to stop. Fun, but yeah, my abs and arms were definitely feeling that one.

We also did 2 sets of three different arm exercises, each exercise one right after the other. I thought I would die. Did the usual lunges and leg lifts but with mean, nasty twists; did some leg work; then I got to punch the bag some more, this time standing. I am so uncoordinated. The bag kept going every which way when I really wanted it to just go back and forth.

Need to eat less carbs, more protein, says he. Plus I actually want to stop drinking and smoking so much. I was sopping wet when I was finished- I could wring out my cotton t-shirt I was that covered in sweat. Walking outside was like going into air-conditioning, it was such a beautiful, mild day.


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