Jun. 11th, 2009

Session #9

Jun. 11th, 2009 11:54 am
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For some reason, I was very enthusiastic about yesterday's session. I couldn't wait to get to the studio and greet Mr. W with great excitement.

Instead of warming up on the stairclimber I did something practically unheard of and warmed up on his spin bike for ten minutes. My thighs were TIGHT when I got off... then what do you think? We did a bunch of leg exercises. We started off with crunches with the medicine ball though. This time on an inflated disk under my lower back instead of a ball. At first I thought, "Okay, this is cool," but before long I was finding it hard to take a breath and my back muscles were screaming. Hoo boy!

More ab work then we went out side with the parachute (he couldn't find the sled harness, worse luck). I tied the parachute to my waist (which is still not 26", btw) and then took off running down the road until he told me to turn around and walk back. It reminded me of hill sprints, which were always hard, but I liked them. The parachute would collect air and create a drag but it was the small one and there wasn't much wind blowing. We did this four times and each time he'd correct something about my form. "Keep your arms closer to your body." "Keep your feet straight." "Pump your arms faster- they'll make you pump your legs faster." That one was good advice- as i tried to be conscious of it, I suddenly found my upper body moving faster than my legs could stay under me and I was running so fast I thought I'd fall on my face.

After the fourth time the wind kicked up a bit and he said, "Aw too bad we're done- the wind is picking back up."

So I asked for a fifth time. "Are you sure?" "yeah yeah yeah," I said, hopping about like a puppy. He laughed and held up my parachute and shouted GO! After a few yards, I felt the wind drag the parachute back and boy! Did I feel the resistance that time! it was NEAT!

Next time, he said, we'll use the Big Parachute.

We went back in and he killed my quads. AND found a way to kill my hamstrings. I was skakey and weak when I left and I could've kissed him when he recommended I not go to the gym this morning.



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