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I found the Gratitude Journal while looking for something else and although I haven't been downloading a lot of apps lately, this caught my attention.

It has supercute graphics and the idea is simple. Just type in a list of good things that have happened each day. If you can think of 5 different things you're grateful for on a regular basis, it should really change your outlook on life, making you a more positive, happy person.

The bulleted list makes it easy to read your entries and you can attach a photo to each page. You can choose between 6 themes and you can read an inspirational quote each time you write an entry.

It's like a short, bulleted diary- only meant to remind you of the good things in your life. I haven't kept it up every day, but I want to make it a habit. It's not much effort and it's not like my phone isn't on my person almost every moment of the day...

Only $.99 and I use it more than most other applications that were considerably more expensive. Totally worth the money.

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Last night it was determined that I can't go out with my friends on the usual Tuesday night and then expect to be able to go to the gym on Wednesday morning. And I like to leave my truck in A-Town and let DH take me back to it on Wednesday morning. So Wednesday will have to be a One Workout Day.

However, yesterday was a two workout day. Very nice. Two mile run in the morning, two and a half mile run in the afternoon with some stationary bike, walking and weight machines thrown in for good measure. And do my arms feel it today!

I got a new application for the iPhone yesterday. Habit Factor, it's called.

The idea is that you get a goal in mind, say, Be a letter-writer. I used to be good about writing letters and it bothers me that I don't anymore. So I write that down as a goal. Now what habits do I need to form to become a letter writer? I need to sit down three times a week for an hour and write a letter. Or two. So I put write that down in the habits section and track my progress there.

This goal and habit also helps me reach another goal I've set for myself. "Keeping busy". I tend to procrastinate- hell, just not do things because I'd just rather not, dammit. This is certainly something I want to change about myself. What habits can I form to stay busy? Not say "no" to people, write letters, go to the gym when I have time to go to the gym.

Which helps me reach another goal: Lose 40 pounds by September 1st. Habits I can form to help me reach that goal? Eating more fruits and vegetables, going to the gym regularly, daily walks. I really like walking, by the way, I ought to walk more in addition to going to the gym. That will also help me keep busy, keeping active.

So it's all about the circle of life, man. I'm not good at forward thinking. I tend to stay in the Here and Now and that's great because it makes me all Zenny, but it's also bad because it makes me lazy and I don't prepare for the future.

So there's an iPhone application review. Maybe I should include "One Review a Week" in my goals. That will certainly help me "Keep Busy".

Equilibrium Enterprises
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Don't ask me why, I have no idea. Absolutely no exercise since before Christmas until January 2nd, drank plenty, was completely indulgent to my desires. Lay around a LOT!

But then, although I was indulgent, I didn't, you know, eat ALL the time. And my bruised hip is generating heat so there are some extra calories burned there. Ha.

New Years Day I took DH to a fondue restaurant for a four course/four wine meal and it was really fantastic. Had to start the year off with a lovely splurge, but Saturday it was back to work. I went to the gym that afternoon for an hour workout to start the year right.

I haven't yet decided what I'll do on what days re: strength to cardio, but Mondays are intervals because I only do them for 20-25 minutes (including warm-up) so I can leave early to go to the grocery store to get my breakfasts and lunches for the week. So.

Monday mornings - Intervals
Tuesday morning : Tuesday afternoon
Wednesday morning : Wednesday afternoon
Thursday morning : Thursday afternoon
Friday morning : Friday afternoon

And I can walk for an hour on Saturdays and/or Sundays, right? Surely so. The idea is to try and get 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours workout a day Tuesdays through Fridays. Not this Friday, I have an appointment, but I get off early and should be able to get at least two hours in on Friday afternoons. I have time for this schedule, the only things I need are motivation and perseverance. I admit, I really want to lose 20 pounds in two months and two weeks. That's not impossible... that's actually very reasonable.

So here we are, starting at 175.
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Visually, this is beautiful application. I like my apps to look grown up for the most part. Not too many different colored fluffy fonts and cheesy clipart, please. Despite the knobs and buttons and flashing lights, this is a pretty simple application.

At settings you choose the total time for your workout, how many seconds per interval at what ratio.

I set mine at a 32 minute workout with 30s intervals at a 3:1 ratio. Which gives me a minute and a half of jogging and 30s of sprinting. Woot.

Sounds is where this app differs from other interval apps.

Audio prompt is where you choose what you want to hear to remind you the music is changing and it's time to change your pace. You can hear a guy's voice go "FAST!" "Slow." Or a series of beeps. Or you can customise. I like the robot voice.

You also get to choose your slow and fast playlists. Or choose no music at all. Just play your iPod in the background instead. However, I chose playlists.

My playlists:

The Drowning Pool
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
Grey in LA
Bad Day (Daniel Powter)

All the Small Things
None of Your Business
Posthumus Zone (the NFL theme)
That's Entertainment
Pump It Up
Bad Day (REM)

Lame taste in music? Maybe. But it worked for me. I can say that's my first real interval workout. It totally kicked my ass.

I tapped the start where it gave me 1 to 3 minute options for warming up. I picked 0 and started with a nice 5.0 pace for 90 seconds until I got the prompt and the music switched. I increased the pace to 7.5 for 30 seconds. After about 15 minutes of this I was really sweating, struggling, breathing hard. So at 20 minutes I slowed my 90s intervals to a 3.8 walk and my 30s intervals to about 6.5 for about eight minutes. The last four minutes I went back to sprinting, finishing at a 8.2 pace.

Run run run. It kicked my ass. I can't say that enough. Today I understand why you should only schedule interval workouts 2 or 3 times a week and for no more that 30 minutes.

The application performed perfectly. It stopped at the end of 32 minutes and congratulated me on a job well done.


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