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After our session we sat down to talk for a bit. A rare occurrence. He says I'm kicking butt in the studio- I push myself and work harder than most of his clients and the muscle is there. I have a body type that builds muscle easily but he wants that muscle to show more definition.

What's going on with my cardio?

Turns out, he thinks I'm working too hard. I've heard of this phenomenon, but I didn't think that would be my problem. The harder you work, the more calories you burn, right? Nevertheless, this week I'm not to bring my heart rate over 144 when I do my cardio.

So yesterday I pulled out the Polar Heart Rate Monitor and did my first Zone workout on the elliptical. It took about five minutes to get my heart rate up to 135 (my zone is between 129 and 144), but once I got there, with my headphones on and swinging along, I often found myself going over.

In the end, I sweat out a LOT of DNA, but I wasn't breathing hard or anything when finished.

According to the HRM:

Duration: 30:02
Time Spent in Zone: 21:20
Max: 149 (83% of maximum heart rate)
Avg: 139 (77% of maximum heart rate)*
259 calories burned; 45% from fat (don't know how accurate that is)

*for maximum fat loss, I should stay between 65% to 80% of my maximum heart rate (which is 180 bpm- it's not so bad being 40. 220-40=180. I love simple math) and I want to stay on the higher end of that range because I want to burn a greater number of overall calories. Then why not keep my heart rate at 165? I don't know. But for this week Mr. W. wants me to keep it lower so there you are. Anyway, tomorrow morning I'm going to try running while keeping my heart rate in this range.


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