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30 minutes in the morning at the gym wasn't enough so I started getting up only twenty minutes earlier to get an hour workout instead. On the Trinity Trails. It's different, harder, than running on the treadmill- I think I try to go too fast, which is a beginning runner's issue.

I set intervals on my watch and the first week I was doing 3 minutes of walking, 2 minutes of running. Next week I was doing 3 minutes of running, 2 minutes of walking. I reset my intervals to 4 minutes of running and two minutes of walking and then guess what happened?

It started raining. I haven't been to the river in over a week. And I was really beginning to feel the cardio working like it hasn't done at the gym or on the elliptical at home- serious, outdoor, hour-long exercise. It's made a difference. By the time I got back to my car, a Boot Camp is just starting in the parking lot (5:30am). I've already been working out for an hour and I just feel like thumbing my nose at them. Lala, I'm done with MY workout! You think you get up so early!

DH is going away to Las Vegas tomorrow for a conference and will be gone until next Thursday. I'm expecting to fill a lot of that time lifting weights at the gym, running on the river (not so rainy forecast) and playing with the wii fit. I'm rather looking forward to it.

Haven't lost muscles yet. Must start lifting weights again soon before I do. I do think my pushups are getting lower.

Session #32

Sep. 3rd, 2009 07:22 am
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Well, that's it. Four solid months of personal training. I haven't lost any weight worth mentioning, but I'm unbelievably more muscular. DH was massaging my legs last night and freaking over how hard they were. My collarbone is visible again and that pleases me. My shoulders and arms look really great. My tummy has really hard bits under the soft bits. I still need to get rid of the soft bits. Or at least make less of them.

So this week I've upped the cardio. I've been getting up at 4:30 and going to the river for an hour. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today- despite yesterday's killer workout with Mr. W. Monday I walked with poles. Tuesday I walked a little and ran a little. Yesterday I got a bit more serious and alternated 3 minutes of walking with 2 minutes of running. Today I did that again, but the last few intervals I did 2 minutes of walking with 3 minutes of running. I'll go out again tomorrow and maybe to the gym on Saturday and next week it'll be all 3 minutes running/2 minutes walking.

In my last session with Mr. W. he worked all of the major muscle groups one more time. What he called his Special Farewell. He totally exhausted my legs and arms.

One of the killerest moves was leg presses- very heavy. First 15 reps very fast- as fast as I could. Then 3 sets of 2 reps- very, very slow. Incredibly slow. Agonizingly slow. The sweat was pouring off me.

Same thing on leg extensions.

Then we annihilated my arms. Chest presses, bicep curls, french presses (not to be confused with coffee makers), shoulder presses. All at varying positions and speeds. Serious burn, let me tell you.

We finished up with hyperextensions which always seem so easy when I start but kills me in the end. I stretched and then cooled down on the bike.

We were both sad that our time together was over. Next week there will be no one to make me do pushups or crunches except me. It's all about priority and discipline now.
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Is that right? I know I haven't been very writey lately, not on anything except the occasional shout-out on Facebook.

It seemed important to note, however, yesterday's milestone. Mr. W. finally succeeded in pushing me hard enough to puke. It was after the kettle bell swings that was my last exercise and he had me cool down on the bike. I pedaled for about a minute then started feeling real shaky and nauseous and excused myself to the toilet where my stomach purged itself. Then I just lay on the cool tile, sweating.


When I came back, Mr. W. gave me a high five.

Heh. I'm still feeling a little wobbly in my mid-section. Besides, you know, the usual soreness from a session.

But it looks like I won't be renewing my sessions. We have to buy a car, the new AC isn't paid for yet, and we just bought two new phones. Just a few too many expenses in a short amount of time. But I put a fitness application on my new phone that will be instrumental in keeping track of weights and reps and exercises to do at the gym. Hopefully I can push myself now that I've been pushed by someone else for 4 months.

In other news, I'm wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear in four years and my legs look especially nice in a mini-skirt. But I'm still not weighing myself.
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Knowing I'd have Friday off, I was looking forward to my session yesterday. Until I walked in the door of the studio. Mr. W. yelled:

Hi Lynn! You're the next contestant in Mr. W's Studio!

Zoiks. He was in a good mood. I gulped and went into the bathroom to change.

After warming up he threw me a medicine ball to do crunches on the stability ball, then the ab killer crunches on the bench with half my body off it, then worked lower abs by lowering then lifting my legs while pulling my butt off the bench.

Yes, my abs already hurt today.

Then he had me go through a little circuit he set up. Shoulder presses, kettle bell swings, pushups, rows, heavy rope, upper back and shoulder lifting, jumping jacks. Twice through. Ugh.

Duck walks across the studio.

Squats with weights + jumps when coming up.

Biceps with barbells and dumbbells, triceps with dumbbells, laterals with dumbbells and tricep dips on the bench. We ended with lower back extensions.

I initialed my workout and limped out the door. Honestly, I was nauseous for about an hour after- I worked out so hard. And if you'll remember, I ran yesterday morning as well.

Bought dinner at Central Market and DH and I went to bed at 9:15 (after we were certain Rangers would sweep the Red Sox).


In other news, I have a new computer at work. I can't access livejournal, facebook, hardly anything popular. I don't have flash player. I can't seem to download a driver for my tablet (will have to ask about that). But it's fast and it works. That's a plus.

Dinner tonight is a quiche and spinach salad. Would like another early night. But tomorrow I'm going to try to do Chicken Picatta. That will be different!
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...this morning.

It's not because I got plenty of sleep. I really didn't want to get up this morning and go to the gym. I had a headache and I was very sleepy. But once I hit the alarm and lay back down, I decided, what the hell.

Yay! Our gym has more treadmills! There was no fear of not getting one. And I ran slow this morning. About 4.8 mph. But I went much longer with more energy. At 30 minutes, since there was no one waiting for a treadmill (woo-hoo) I sped up to 5.5 and then 6.1 until I hit 3 miles then quit. Cooled down with a walk around the gym, showered, dressed and went to work.

And here I am at work thinking, what the hell. I'm never going to be an Elite Runner, why NOT run slow? I get to run longer and I feel better. So there you have it.

Session #21 this afternoon. And then I don't have a session until Monday- Mr. W. is out of town Fri, Sat, Sun for a physical fitness conference. I'm actually looking forward to having a Friday off. Play a little Wii. :)
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We had it on Friday morning instead of afternoon because I took the day off. When I first woke up though, I was tempted to call in and cancel but when I reset the alarm to make the call, and lay back down to sleep, I had to grapple with my conscience and in the end threw off the covers and got dressed in my workout gear.


I wore the heart rate monitor for a change. For an example of what it was doing (it has a set zone for me: 129-145. If I'm under 129 it beeps slowly, if I'm over it beeps fast) one of my first exercises was planks on the Bosu. So I set myself up in pushup position, hands on the sides of the Bosu. I have to hold the plank for 1 minute. My hrm starts off beeping slowly then it's quiet for awhile and by the time the minute's up it's going beepbeepbeepbeep real fast. And I never moved.

So while we did triceps and biceps and abs, we did a few things for my glutes and hamstrings on the extension bench as well. See this


He had me doing extensions with one leg out straight- not under the padding- and my arm next to me so that one side was doing all the work. Two sets of 15 repetitions on each side about killed me. Ow ow ow ow ow ow.


Almost every day this week I used the hrm while either running or using the elliptical. I really like using the elliptical with it though. Yesterday I did 40 minutes, 35 of those minutes were spent in the high end of the zone- 142, about 80% of my max heart rate. But it was amazing. I felt like I could go on forever because even though I was soaking wet with sweat, even dripping all over the machine, I wasn't even breathing hard.


And I've lost 2 pounds this week. Officially.
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The first 15 minutes were hellacious. Usually he lets me take quite a break between exercises to get my breath back. Not so much yesterday. One of the first things we did was one of the hardest. Lying on my back on a bench, with my legs bent and feet on the bench with most of my upper body off of the bench so that I can't relax- have to use abs to hold my body up. Then he handed me a medicine ball and had me do crunches.


I'm getting stronger with my pullups though. I managed to do two full horizontal pull ups before Mr. W had to put a weight lifting belt around me and help. I haven't been able to do even one full pull-up without his help before.

What a horizontal pull-up might look like:

Another thing he had me do was with the sled. He piled on the weights and attached a long strap to the sled. I stood on the other side of the room holding on to the strap and from a crouching position, one hand over the other, I had to pull the sled across the room using just my arms and back.

Anyway, it was all very hard but being the masochist I am, I loved it all.


In other news, DH and I bought a Wii. It's a bit a splurge, but I've been weighing the pros and cons for months now. When it finally arrived, I very carefully kept all the packaging. If it turns out to collect dust later, I will resell it.

Anyway, we played a bit of all the sports on the included disc and had a ball! Literally! Baseball, tennis, bowling, golf and boxing. Okay, Boxing doesn't have a ball. But it was a killer, the boxing! I was quite out of breath but managed to kick Dear Husband's butt. :)

So far, so fun.
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After our session we sat down to talk for a bit. A rare occurrence. He says I'm kicking butt in the studio- I push myself and work harder than most of his clients and the muscle is there. I have a body type that builds muscle easily but he wants that muscle to show more definition.

What's going on with my cardio?

Turns out, he thinks I'm working too hard. I've heard of this phenomenon, but I didn't think that would be my problem. The harder you work, the more calories you burn, right? Nevertheless, this week I'm not to bring my heart rate over 144 when I do my cardio.

So yesterday I pulled out the Polar Heart Rate Monitor and did my first Zone workout on the elliptical. It took about five minutes to get my heart rate up to 135 (my zone is between 129 and 144), but once I got there, with my headphones on and swinging along, I often found myself going over.

In the end, I sweat out a LOT of DNA, but I wasn't breathing hard or anything when finished.

According to the HRM:

Duration: 30:02
Time Spent in Zone: 21:20
Max: 149 (83% of maximum heart rate)
Avg: 139 (77% of maximum heart rate)*
259 calories burned; 45% from fat (don't know how accurate that is)

*for maximum fat loss, I should stay between 65% to 80% of my maximum heart rate (which is 180 bpm- it's not so bad being 40. 220-40=180. I love simple math) and I want to stay on the higher end of that range because I want to burn a greater number of overall calories. Then why not keep my heart rate at 165? I don't know. But for this week Mr. W. wants me to keep it lower so there you are. Anyway, tomorrow morning I'm going to try running while keeping my heart rate in this range.

Session #?

Jul. 9th, 2009 07:07 am
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I don't even know what number I'm on. I'll figure it out on Friday.

This past Monday I started to get withdrawal symptoms. There are four full days between my Friday session and Wednesday session and I found myself needing to work out my new and improved muscles. I did a few pushups. I thought about doing bicycles. I stared at the bench and dumbbells but didn't touch. I needed a Plan.

So Mr. W is putting together an exercise plan I can do at home.

Yesterday's session was all core work, all the time. Sometimes it used my arms and legs, but mostly it was meant to workout my back, upper and lower abs and obliques. And oh, it did. The funny exercise of the day was my first one.

I sat on the floor with my legs straight out in front of me, one ankle crossed over the other. I held a big dumbbell in my hands- I don't know the weight, I just take what he gives me, but it was heavy. Then I'd lift my legs about six inches off the floor, causing me to lean back with the dumbbell- this made my abs support me while I twisted my body with the weight from one side to another. My goodness! It was hard, but it made me laugh.

Another very hard one was lying on the floor on my front. I get up on my hands and toes as if doing a pushup then walk my hands out in front of me. When they're about as far out as I can go, I then bend my arms a bit and hold. First time, ten seconds. Then fifteen. Then twenty. And then thirty seconds. Oh my god. I was dripping bits of my DNA all over the place.

Did planks, side planks, knelt on a bench and lifted weights with my legs out behind me, held on to a bar while crossing one ankle over a knee and then did knee bends. Golly wolly!

I have a feeling I'm going to find it hard to laugh later- Starting to really feel my stomach muscles today.


In other news, I started going to the river this week to run. Monday I went to the gym, but Tuesday, Wednesday and today it was the river. I forgot how much different it feels to run on land than a treadmill. It's harder but I was also was going too fast- found it real hard to slow down. Anyway, I was so tired this morning I just walked for twenty minutes then went home. Yesterday I saw a kitten. Today a fox and a scottish fold cat. The cat and I were mostly watching the fox. When it stole away into the woods (stole! Fox! Hahaha! Get it?) it was just me and the cat. "Hi Kitty!" I said. The cat spit and ran away from me.

Session #15

Jul. 2nd, 2009 07:51 am
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At our last session Mr. W. says to me, "next time we're going to do a good old-fashioned body building workout."

Yesterday I realised that means isolate each muscle and systematically kill them cold-blooded. We did upper body and already today the insides of my elbows, biceps, shoulders and upper back is hurting. Not my triceps yet.

And, as usual, we started with abs.

Tomorrow, since I have the day off, I'm scheduled for 7am instead of 3:30pm. Yay! We're doing lower body muscles. Boo.

This morning I ran on the treadmill. I ran about 2.65 miles in 29 minutes. That's alternating my speeds (intervals) and a five minute warmup walk included. WHY can't I just stay on long enough to get to 3 miles? It's like, once I get to 30 minutes, I just want to fall off the treadmill and die. Yet, I jumped rope for another few minutes. Couldn't that energy be better directed? Like, toward getting to 3 miles? Can't I slow down and conserve some?

But it was nice we did upper body yesterday. It didn't interfere with the run at all- except when dropping my shoulders, it was a little achey.

My Gym

Jul. 1st, 2009 07:41 am
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One of my gym's branches closed last Friday and them gym I go to most often is getting a lot of their equipment. Treadmills, I hope. More treadmills.

Somewhere I'd heard that summer months are the best time to join a gym- they're not so crowded. The last few times I'd been there, at 5:30am, it's been quite full. I've started to leave my workout towel on a treadmill to reserve it, and although the practise makes me feel uncomfortable, I'd rather not have to get my cardio on something else when I don't want to.

Most of the treadmill users, I feel, are abusing the privilege. There's Setting The Machine At A Pace Too Fast For Her Girl. And her husband, I'll Just Walk Along On The Treadmill Next To You Because I Love Ya Honey. There's Walking Black Guy, but I like him. He's there almost every morning and for as long as I've been there. Then there's me. That's the four "good" treadmills. The really large ones that don't make much noise. Then there are two smaller ones that no one likes to use. Although if it came to it, I'd use one. Yesterday one of our usual treadmill runners ran next to me on one while a hispanic soccer player used the other one. I hate it when the gym is so full.

I hope we get a whole row of good treadmills and take out some of the ellipticals. We have about a million of those. Or recumbent bikes. There's half a million of those.

Anyway, good run yesterday. Walked 5 minutes at 4.0 then alternated every two minutes between 5.3 and 5.8. Sometimes throwing in a 6.0. I walked again for 3 minutes at 4.0 then at the end ran for 2 minutes at 6.5. That felt good. Sweat was flying off me onto the machine. I love it when that happens. 30 minutes and 2.75 miles. The next time I get that close, I'll just go to three miles, goshdarnit.

I decided not to go to the gym today since I'll be working out with mr. w. later. He said we're going back to working with weights old style. I already hurt.
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I've lost about 3% body fat and according to most body fat percentage charts, I'm fit at 22%. I've lost an inch or so here and there. I've gained an inch on my thighs- but they're so muscular he had a really hard time getting a pinch of measurement. I've lost an inch in my calves. He says that's really rare, but I'm not really surprised. My calves have definitely gotten thicker in the past ten years.

On his scale, fully dressed and with shoes, I started out at 186. Yesterday I was 181. I don't know where that funny blurb of 172 came about, but never mind. Except when Mr. W. does my measurements, no more scales for me. My goal is to get my waist under 32". I'm at 37" now.

We did what he called Hundreds. Fifty reps working the big muscles in my arms, fifty reps working the smaller muscles. He had me lie down for leg presses and said for me to do one hundred. I could stop as many times as I'd like, but I couldn't get up until I'd done a hundred. Oh yes, I did it. I think he lightened the weight at 60 or so, but my butt HURT SO BAD! It hasn't started aching today but it will. My arms too. They're just twinging sometimes, as are my pecs.

We did crunches with a heavier medicine ball and we did bicycles and oblique twists. My abs and obliques have been the first to start hurting today.

I've paid up for another twenty sessions- that should carry me through August. I put it on my AmEx and I've made a bargain with myself. If I haven't paid it off by the time the sessions are concluded, then I have to stop going to him until it's paid. I really like working with him, so I think I can make a conscious effort to stop frivolous spending.

Speaking of Frivolous Spending, I bought myself a hand blender- one of those mixing wands- to make smoothies at work. It was a Gold Box Deal on Amazon, how could I resist?

*Oh yeah. He doesn't like me using Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh Chicken Breast Cuts and Strips for my lean meat protein. He says they're too processed. Argh! Yesterday I bought chicken breasts from Central Market and spent some of my evening baking them with rosemary and red pepper and then slicing them up for lunches for the next three days. I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE handling raw chicken. ew ew ew
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I was just printing out my food log for the past seven days to give to Mr. W. today and I realised, as I was looking it over, that I completely miscalculated one item I've been eating almost every day.

Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster.

One 8oz serving is 220 calories, 18 grams of protein, 27 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fat.

I've been drinking half a bottle midmorning and another half midafternoon most days.

One 15oz bottle equals about two servings.

I've been recording each half bottle as half a serving.

That means:

220 calories, 18 grams of protein, 27 grams of carbs and 4 grams of fat has been going unrecorded 3 or 4 days out of 7 this week. Which doesn't really affect my p/c/f percentages so much- but does definitely affect the number of calories I thought I was eating and diligently keeping track of.

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Well, I didn't HIDE it. I just put it out of reach so it wasn't so easy to just step up on it.

As a result, there is a weight off my shoulders that may or may not show up on the scale. Still, I won't look. Besides, Mr. W. is taking my measurements again on Wednesday (I just have to remind him- that's why we haven't done so yet).

And this morning I had a really great workout. Instead of just trying to go 25-30 minutes on the treadmill, I did interval training and the time flew by. Plus I felt energized after. Which is what I'd really like to feel after a good cardio workout. After warming up for five minutes (which I never do anymore except in Mr. W's studio), I alternated between 2 minutes of slower running (5.3-5.5) with two minutes of a faster pace (5.8-6.2). Finishing up with about 3 minutes of walking and then 5.4 with periodic bursts of 6.2-7.0 for a total of 30 minutes. It felt great. So, remember THAT when you're all bleh, trudging along at some consistent pace.

I felt so good, I jumped rope for a few minutes before Hitting the Showers.

Still, I don't like getting up so early to do it.

In other news, I hope the temperatures won't hover around 100 the WHOLE summer. I'm gonna have to leave Texas.
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I've had it! I'm not taking any more of those gosh-darned pills! It's true they've been much easier to take since I started bending forward rather than back, but I just had such a horrible experience. Not unless I HAVE to, I'm not taking pills!

Two, TWO, of my evening pills lodged in my throat. They wouldn't go up, they wouldn't go down. I gagged and burped and puked up mucous until I coughed them up and spat them down the garbage disposal.

I've taken them for a week. I can continue to drink craploads of water, I can keep paying attention to my c/p/f percentages. But I AM not continuing this "cleanse".

Oh yeah and plus? Plus! My weight is back up to 176. Okay. That's still better than seeing that darned 179 over and over again but why tell me I'm down to 172 and then 171 if you're just going to pop back up you stupid, godforsaken, shitty scale!? I would've been happy to be at 176 all week! Why fucking fluctuate!?

I've been cranky ever since I left Mr. W's studio. I think he didn't work me hard enough today. I shouldn't have enough energy to be so frickin' MAD.
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My last session is Friday. For weeks I'd been planning to reward myself with a massage when I was done but no. Instead I saw two pieces of jewelry on Amazon I'd been lightly drooling over for months on sale at 70% off. No kidding! $170 worth of jewelry for $51. How could I not? And it's $10 cheaper than a massage. :)

Besides, we have a table... maybe I can get Dear Husband to do it instead of a professional.

Today's session was a killer. I don't know if it's due to my change in diet, or the detox itself or maybe just a more intense workout, but I was lightheaded a lot. Afterward, I moaned all the way to Smoothie King. And got an extra scoop of protein.

FEOTD*: Lying on my stomach and Mr. W. rolling a medicine ball down my legs- like my legs are a gutter- and then when the ball hits my Achilles tendons, I kick the ball up toward my head where he catches it. I laughed a lot. I wish I could've seen it.

*Funny Exercise Of The Day
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I guess the detox thing is working. I'm drinking craploads of water- it helps that the vitamins and herbs are making me thirsty. I'm staying away from flour most of the time- had some yesterday in Protein Chips, but I wanted to try them. But it was Tiffany's birthday yesterday and I avoided booze AND the birthday cake. Go me. I asked for a club soda in a highball with lemon and lime wedges so it would look like I was drinking a vodka with soda.

I'm averaging about 45% carbs, 35% protein and 20% fat- which is what I'm aiming for and I haven't been able to achieve that before the detox diet. I'm doing this with fruits and vegetables, Ezekial 4:9 cereal, brown rice, beans, almonds, fish and chicken and... SMOOTHIE KING! I love Smoothie King now. I had my first low-carb strawberry smoothie yesterday and I loved it so much, I'm planning on having another for dinner tonight. But I'm getting just under 1200 calories a day- I'm aiming for at least 1200, but it's harder than you might think.

I also bought some Pina Colada whey protein powder so I can make some smoothies at home. So far, I haven't had time to do that in the morning. I'm still going to the gym but I'm not running. Elliptical and jumping rope- I'm a little too tired in the morning for anything more strenuous.

Anyway, at the weekend I was fluctuating between 179 and 182 and I'd been doing that for weeks.

This morning I was 172. And I've been on my little detox for 3 days. I hope that's the food thing and not the herb thing. I can maintain the food thing.
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Today I started the Organic Total Body Cleanse. First, it should be noted that I LOATHE taking pills. I gag easily. I've even gone online to learn how to make it easier. So far, nothing has worked. I gag, burp, the pill gets lodged sideways, I cough, my eyes tear up- it's a nightmare.

And on this Organic Total Body Cleanse I have to take at least ten pills a day. Two in the morning half an hour before I eat, 3 later in the morning with a full glass of water, 3 in the afternoon with a full glass of water (or I could take six in the afternoon- but that simply ain't happening), and then 2 more in the evening at least half an hour after my last meal.

This is supposed to be my schedule for the next fourteen days. Ack. Oh, plus I got OilSmart (tm) capsules just to make sure everything moves smoothly. Those get taken three times a day- so make that a total of thirteen.

Anyway, I'm eating healthy- lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and for breakfast I also had an egg. Mr. W. wants me to eat eggs? I'll earn to like eggs. This morning at the grocery store in search of aforementioned fresh fruit and vegetables, I came across an egg cup. The cutest little egg cup you ever did see. I was smitten. I should've bought two- they were only $1.99 whereas they cost more on Amazon (rare occurence- especially since we're talking about CM). But since Dear Husband was having fruit, breakfast potatoes and a cinnamon roll for breakfast, I decided he probably didn't need an egg as well. Next weekend when we again have breakfast together, he'll have his own egg cup.

So I got this great egg cup and matching spoon and then went online to learn how to cook an egg for an egg cup. I overcooked mine first time, but I'm still tickled. It was fun and it really tasted good. Maybe because we buy organic eggs from happy chickens. I hope they're happy. They make nice eggs, at least. I'm looking forward to my next egg.

Having looked in a Google image search for "egg cup", I'm astounded! Did you know people collect these things? Some of them are really awesome!
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Awesome upper body workout today. My arm muscles are so exhausted, I can't flex my bicep. Truly. My arms, shoulders and back are going to be in so much PAIN tomorrow.

After doing all sorts of torturous upperbody strength exercises, we did these killer bicep curls and shoulder presses with a barbell and nearly dying- DYING! he put me on the incline board and picked up two little 5-lb dumbbells. "Ah," I sighed in relief, "look at the cute little things," and groaned and nearly dropped it when he put the first one in my left hand.

We both laughed so hard, I almost couldn't do the curls.

When I stood up I admired my triceps in the big mirror (because I haven't been able to stop doing that). "Oh!" said Mr. W., "let's do some triceps too then!"

"but haven't I already worked my triceps enough doing the other upper body exercises?" I asked hopefully.

"A little..."

So we did tricep curls. God. In the middle of this my legs and abs are still hurting. "You know," I said, "I kind of expected things would stop hurting after awhile but now I'm thinking they'll never stop hurting."

"That's the idea, keep building and building and always change it up so your muscles don't get complacent." Argh.

And then tricep dips. And that finished me off. During my last set I reached my limit, having lowered myself, the harder I tried to lift myself back up, the lower I went until I fell on my bottom.

Mr. W laughed and pointed out that my arm muscles were entirely depleted. He put me on the bike to cool down for the next ten minutes and talked. I couldn't even lean on the handlebars. I sat upright on his very uncomfortable spin bike seat and listened.

After reading my diet for the past two weeks, he wants me to do a detox.

So after I left, I headed to a natural foods place near to downtown. After staring at the TMI boxes for 3 minutes (reading the backs were very hard as I couldn't really hold anything up for very long), I asked for assistance. I was too light-headed to be embarassed.

"Okay, my PT wants me to do a detox and I know nothing about these things so naturally I'm thinking of getting the most expensive one."

The assistant laughed, "this one is really good," she said handing me a box, "don't eat any fried foods on it and drink plenty of water."

Plus I had a Sunshine Card which got me about five dollars off the cost of the box- which was already $20 cheaper than the one I started to buy originally.

I'm starting it on Sunday and will try to give an accurate report of how it goes without getting gross or anything.

(Wut's going on with that bunny's head?)

Session #9

Jun. 11th, 2009 11:54 am
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For some reason, I was very enthusiastic about yesterday's session. I couldn't wait to get to the studio and greet Mr. W with great excitement.

Instead of warming up on the stairclimber I did something practically unheard of and warmed up on his spin bike for ten minutes. My thighs were TIGHT when I got off... then what do you think? We did a bunch of leg exercises. We started off with crunches with the medicine ball though. This time on an inflated disk under my lower back instead of a ball. At first I thought, "Okay, this is cool," but before long I was finding it hard to take a breath and my back muscles were screaming. Hoo boy!

More ab work then we went out side with the parachute (he couldn't find the sled harness, worse luck). I tied the parachute to my waist (which is still not 26", btw) and then took off running down the road until he told me to turn around and walk back. It reminded me of hill sprints, which were always hard, but I liked them. The parachute would collect air and create a drag but it was the small one and there wasn't much wind blowing. We did this four times and each time he'd correct something about my form. "Keep your arms closer to your body." "Keep your feet straight." "Pump your arms faster- they'll make you pump your legs faster." That one was good advice- as i tried to be conscious of it, I suddenly found my upper body moving faster than my legs could stay under me and I was running so fast I thought I'd fall on my face.

After the fourth time the wind kicked up a bit and he said, "Aw too bad we're done- the wind is picking back up."

So I asked for a fifth time. "Are you sure?" "yeah yeah yeah," I said, hopping about like a puppy. He laughed and held up my parachute and shouted GO! After a few yards, I felt the wind drag the parachute back and boy! Did I feel the resistance that time! it was NEAT!

Next time, he said, we'll use the Big Parachute.

We went back in and he killed my quads. AND found a way to kill my hamstrings. I was skakey and weak when I left and I could've kissed him when he recommended I not go to the gym this morning.



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