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I've started counting calories this week. I mean, like really counting every little thing. I mathed up my BMR which is 1,561 calories a day. A sedentary day I add 312. That's a day that I don't work out, sit at my desk for 9 hours and go home, lay on the bed and read. Lightly active: 456, moderately active: 624, very active: 780. Very active is running for over an hour on an active day where I'm not sitting at the office.

Since I want to lose 2lbs/week, I'm trying to create a deficit of 1,000 calories a day. I'm averaging about 800-900.

I know how the math works, but for some reason I suddenly feel like I'm doing it right- like I didn't count right before. I'm counting every freakin' calorie and I'm measuring everything I do. I think knowing your basal metabolic rate is really important (you can find the formula online).

So. My goal is to eat about 1170 calories minimum/day (that's a minimum of about 1lb/week). If I burn more than 2200/day, then I can eat more. It works out pretty well. I'll weigh myself every monday- I started at 180. Which is where I've been hovering for forever. However, today at the doctor's I got weighed and I am... wait for it...


But that's with all my clothes on. No shoes, though. So, I think I can take off two pounds from that safely enough. I think I'll definitely be down by Monday morning. I practically know it, just because I've been paying so much attention to my calories in/calories out ratio. There are so many iphone apps that can help. I'm doing Shapeup Club, but Lose It is just as good and it's free.

I had my first checkup in over a decade today. My blood pressure was 110/60, vg. Pulse: 66 bpm- could be better, imo, but I was nervous- also, it turns out I'm 5'7" now. I used to be 5'8". When the doctor came in and looked at my information, she didn't freak about my weight or anything. She said, "well, you look like a very healthy little person!" She didn't care that I smoked, since I smoked so little. She didn't bat an eye at my alcoholic intake.

She did..., well..., her Doctor Exam Stuff and asked if I'd eaten today. I admitted that I hadn't, that I'd been nervous about the appointment, so she sent me to the lap to give blood for tests. In a week or two, I'll know my cholesterol levels! Woot!

Now for the bad bit. She scheduled me for a mammogram on Dec. 4th. Ugh. I've heard nothing by horrible things about mammograms and I am NOT looking forward to it. I don't care about the test results- it's just the exam itself. Argh. My titties do NOT like to be squeezed! Except gently. By my husband. Period.

So there you are. My privates feel invaded so I'm making DH take me to dinner tonight. Sushi.

I ate lightly today so I could enjoy it and maybe have a couple of vodka and club sodas.

**eta Total cholesterol is 190. Not bad- it's in the safe mark, but I'd like to get it lower, I think.

on 2009-11-25 03:54 pm (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] aislingfaye
I just saw this! Sorry about that, or I would have replied sooner!

About the mammogram... try not to be too nervous. Just let the person know that you're very nervous, and that you're concerned about any discomfort. That's all it really is. I was nervous, too, with my issues (the reason I have to drink decaf -- I should be caffeine-free, but I just can't go that far), I couldn't imagine having to go through it because my boobs were hurting a LOT (fortunately I was schedule at the low-end of the pain and swelling part of the month for them), but the mammogram itself was mostly just slightly uncomfortable for a few brief moments. You might be a little sore later possibly, but I don't recall it being that bad. Now that I've been through it, the only terror I have is them saying something is there (what with the fibroadenoma, I always wonder if one of them is bad)... I don't really fear the exam itself now.

My only issue was that for some reason, the tech had managed to get me on my tippy toes and of course I was sort of uhm... having to stay on said tippy toes and wait for her to release me from the machine so I could stand normally. Aside from that, it was just brief discomfort. If you're very tender, let them know so they'll talk you through it and try to be as quick as they can. If you have a good tech, she'll listen to you and try to help out as much as possible. It's not like they sit there smashing you hard for a long time... it does press, but it's mainly just a little annoying "okay, this isn't something I want to do for too long... are you finished yet?" It went by so quickly, all things considered.

Good luck with the counting calories. I'm going to get back on it as well. I need to. With the iPhone, I'm hoping it'll help me stick with some of the things I keep falling behind on.


on 2009-11-25 05:56 pm (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] aislingfaye
OUCH! :( Fortunately, I've not heard anything like that from anyone... eek! I think that would have had me terrified to do it. Here's hoping it goes easily for you.

What's the BT test? I'm a bit out of it and haven't been watching much news lately. I know they were saying something about mammograms, but no idea what the details were.

on 2009-11-25 05:58 pm (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] aislingfaye
(err... if you do decide to do it, I mean... just got back from my workout and riding the post-workout-ready-for-lunch-now high)


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