Dec. 8th, 2009

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Lunchtime in my office is 11:00. At that time, I stood up and dug around for my Sprouted Brown Rice Bowl so I could take and nuke it when my boss said to me, "Lynn, you know we're having pizza today don't you?"


"No," I usually have headphones on at work, "but thanks for telling me. I prefer my own lunch."

Of course I don't prefer my own lunch. Sprouted brown rice. I'd brought salsa and fat free yogurt to put on it for spice and flavor, but honestly, how does that compare to pizza? I can smell it now- forealz. It's just over my cubicle wall on the next desk. All pepperoni, candian bacon and cheezy, the smell is just divine. Warm and greasy, wafting through the office to pause right under my nose.

But giving in to my urges is fortunately easier to do in front of my co-workers. I've already said I prefer to eat my own brown rice and to back down now would be to invite laughter and humiliation.

I cannot be swayed.

Besides, I'm going to the gym after work today. It would be a substandard workout with my belly full of cheese and grease. Right? Right. Stand thee behind me, Satan!

PS I would really love just to have a piece of pizza rind to dip in what's left of my salsa and yogurt. *drool*


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