Sep. 29th, 2009

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Golly I'm in a good mood this morning. All smiley and laughy for no reason and here it's being wasted in the workplace. I hope it lasts though and I wonder if it's increased energy from my workouts.

I finally got a Nike+ sensor for my shoe. My iPhone has a built in receiver for it so I wanted to take advantage. So far I've had two runs with it. One last Friday when, according to the Nike+, I ran 4.93 miles and then this morning I ran 4.99 miles. At almost half a minute faster than the previous run.

I wanted to run on Sunday but went hiking instead with a friend and his dog and Dear Husband and counted that.

Plus I noticed on Amazon the other day that the Wii game, Active, was on sale- $20 off. I bought it and I'm doing the easy 30 day challenge. After, I'll do the medium, then I'll do the hard. The easy is easy but it still makes me sweat. Not bad.

And I saw a picture of myself from the weekend and although my face is still roundy-round, I do seem slimmer. I am pleased.


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