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Yesterday's dinner was a remarkable success.

I stood in front of the salad dressings at the grocery store for ages looking for just the right organic marinade for the two organic chicken breasts I'd bought. They only marinated for an hour before I had to cook them, but they were still tasty and juicy- must get more to marinade longer.

The cauliflower was to die for. And I hate cauliflower. As they continued to roast, I kept reaching into the pan, gnoshing on cauliflower as I prepared the rest of the meal. Crazy good. As I was cutting up the head, I put a raw piece in my mouth and ate it quickly thinking, "there's no way to make this vegetable delicious!" -But I was SO wrong. :)

And I feel great again this morning. Fresh and awake. What to make tonight? Salmon with vegetables or shrimp with vegetables? I might even do a beef recipe before too long if I can find a grass-fed, organic cut that isn't too pricey.

My new eating schedule doesn't allow for evening carbohydrates. Something to do with ghrelin and insulin spikes, sleep and how your body metabolizes while you sleep.- So I'm off to find more high protein, healthy fat, high fiber evening meals... wish me luck....


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