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Last night it was determined that I can't go out with my friends on the usual Tuesday night and then expect to be able to go to the gym on Wednesday morning. And I like to leave my truck in A-Town and let DH take me back to it on Wednesday morning. So Wednesday will have to be a One Workout Day.

However, yesterday was a two workout day. Very nice. Two mile run in the morning, two and a half mile run in the afternoon with some stationary bike, walking and weight machines thrown in for good measure. And do my arms feel it today!

I got a new application for the iPhone yesterday. Habit Factor, it's called.

The idea is that you get a goal in mind, say, Be a letter-writer. I used to be good about writing letters and it bothers me that I don't anymore. So I write that down as a goal. Now what habits do I need to form to become a letter writer? I need to sit down three times a week for an hour and write a letter. Or two. So I put write that down in the habits section and track my progress there.

This goal and habit also helps me reach another goal I've set for myself. "Keeping busy". I tend to procrastinate- hell, just not do things because I'd just rather not, dammit. This is certainly something I want to change about myself. What habits can I form to stay busy? Not say "no" to people, write letters, go to the gym when I have time to go to the gym.

Which helps me reach another goal: Lose 40 pounds by September 1st. Habits I can form to help me reach that goal? Eating more fruits and vegetables, going to the gym regularly, daily walks. I really like walking, by the way, I ought to walk more in addition to going to the gym. That will also help me keep busy, keeping active.

So it's all about the circle of life, man. I'm not good at forward thinking. I tend to stay in the Here and Now and that's great because it makes me all Zenny, but it's also bad because it makes me lazy and I don't prepare for the future.

So there's an iPhone application review. Maybe I should include "One Review a Week" in my goals. That will certainly help me "Keep Busy".

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on 2010-01-06 05:00 pm (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] aislingfaye
I LOVE your reviews!! Hubby's off to snag Habit Factor now ;) Heehee! Sounds like the sort of thing we need, too. And as you noted, not just for fitness but for Other Things.

I love walking too. I definitely enjoy doing that along with my workouts.

Oooh! We need to have you guys over sometime for dinner (been wanting to do that... maybe sometime after the 15th?) and we could go for a walk after! :D

on 2010-01-06 06:47 pm (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] aislingfaye
Excellent! I'll let hubby know, and we'll try to think up some yummy-but-light meals and snacks for the evening. :D

I haven't had a chance to add anything to the app yet, but I've already thought of a habit and goal (linked together). Looking forward to seeing what I put in and how things go!


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